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6th Grade

Mrs.Compston: 6th grade Reading : Blizzard Bags are on Study Island

Mrs.Butts:  Blizzard Bag 1: Study IslandDecimals. 2. Study Island -Ratios. 3. Google Classroom -Fraction Review

Mrs.Sonk:  Go onto Study Island and complete the following -Write a 5 paragraph argumentative essay. Be sure to include the following: Paragraph 1 hook and thesis; paragraph 2,3,4 supporting details and 1 rebuttal; paragraph 5 conclusion; graphic organizer and rubric will help you organize your writing

Mrs.Steadman: Mrs. SteadmanSnowDay

Mrs.Ellis : Day 1: Sign into i-ready and complete 20 min on reading site. Sign into Moby Max and work on math facts for 10 min if not completed -if Math facts are completed work on regular Math site. Day 2 :  Sign-in on i-ready complete 20min on Math site. Sign into Moby Max and Complete 10 min on language art site. Day 3: Same as day 1.  

Mr.Miller: Blizzard Bag #1

Blizzard Bag #2 Miller-Science

7th Grade

Mrs.Frye:  Check Google Classroom for my announcements on Snow Day #6,7,8. Blizzard Bag 1: organizing ideas. Blizzard Bag 2: Study Island assignment-formatting and graphics. Blizzard Bag 3: precise language and sensory details.

Mrs.Loase: Assignment posted on Google Classroom and omeresa Progress Book for 7th grade Math and Advanced Math.

Mrs Stiles: 7th Grade Reading :Complete 2 Reading Lessons on Reading Plus for each Blizzard Bag Day (Ex. 1 Blizzard Day =2 reading Lessons)

Mrs.Sefsick: Blizzard Bag Assignments will be posted to Google Classroom -this will consist of quizizz review activities.

 Meholovitch– MS Computers

8th Grade

Mrs.Smolenak:  Math :Day 1:complete study Island assignment on scatter plots. Be sure to read lesson and complete 20 questions. Day 2 : complete Study island assignment on two way tables, be sure to read lesson and complete 20 questions. 

Blizzard Bag 3: 8th grade Math –Complete Study Island assignment on Skill Review.

Ms.Miller: Social Studies- Day 1 -Study Island : The New Nation. Day 2- Study Island participation and informed citizenship. 

Ms.Taylor: Complete i-ready Math assesment,complete i-ready Reading assessment.

Mr.Mercer: Reading

Mrs.Wodarcyk: Science 8 Snow Day Lessons