The 6th Grade Famous American Fair was held on Friday, April 28th. The students worked very hard on their informational reports, costumes, and display boards. Judges for this competition were Randy Alderman, Rick Barnhouse, Brian Bee, Marsha Borovich, Shelly Dawes, Jim Ellis, Donna Griffin, Pearl Homko, Dan Lucas, Rudy Meholovitch, Stan Sobel, Kathy Thompson, Bruce Vannest, and Nancy Vannest. We extend out thanks to these judges for taking time out of their schedule to support our Union Local students! We sincerely appreciate their efforts. And the winners are………..

Devon Alexander – Yogi Berra
Riley Broomhall – Karyn Turner
Preston Curry – Mickey Mantle
Hannah Ellis – Dr. Seuss
Nick Fuchs – Harry Houdini
Myranda McCartney – Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)
Braden Porter – “Pistol” Pete Maravich
Taylor Pritts – Shawn Johnson
Hailey Romshak – Annette Funicello

We would also like to thank Principal Ben Porter for his cooperation and support of this project; all Related Arts teachers for giving us the flexibility in our schedule to have this fair during the school day; Mrs Fluharty for taking pictures of each student; Mrs. Robin Romshak, instructional aide; Mrs. Martin and Mrs White, office secretaries: The Times-Leader; and Mr. Mike Palmer and WTOV-9.

Sixth Grade Teachers: Mrs. Jill Butts, Mrs. Marie Compston, Mrs. Linda Ellis, Mr. Greg Miller, Mrs. Melissa Steadman, and Mrs. Sheryl Sonk.