April 20-23 was the Belmont County art show held in the Ohio Valley mall. This show was sponsored by the Educational Service Center for the County high schools to submit their top 35 works to be judged. Each school received 5 merit awards and 5 teachers choice awards. In addition there were 9 categories to select from in places 1-5 for a total of 43 ribbons (only 3 pieces entered for printmaking). We entered all categories except printmaking and won 14 places out of the possible 43.

People’s choice award winner – Allyson Perkins for her watercolor and pen and ink version of “Memories of Epworth”

Drawing-Charcoal/Graphite – 2nd Place – Alyssa Morrison’ “Everlasting Love”, 4th Place – Summer Emory “Should I?”, 5th Place Sutherlynd Butler “Curious Reflections”.

Drawing – Chalk Pastels/Colored Pencils/Oil Pastels – 1st Place – Summer Emory (Chalk Pastels) “Metamorphosis”, 4th Place – Autumn Tidrick (Chalk Pastels) “Attack of the Killer Gummy Bear”, 5th Place – Samantha Williams (Chalk Pastels) “Tea Time”

Clayboard/Scratchboard/Pen & Ink – 1st Place – Hannah Kemp “Let the Good Times Roll”, 2nd Place Alexus Logan “Coming in for the night”, 5th Place – Alison Loase “Deer in the headlights”

Painting – 3rd Place – Danielle Merritt “Majestic Fantasy”

Mixed Media – 2nd Place – Braden Robinson “Gojira”, 4th Place – Lily Liskanih “In Memory of Tyler Michael Beckett”

Digital Imaging – 2nd Place – Derek Bandonee “The First Snowfall”

Photography – 5th Place – Emmy Cordner “Baptism”

Teachers Choice Awards: 1st Place – Summer Emory (Charcoal) “Should I?”, 2nd Place – Allyson Prkins (Watercolor/Pen and Ink) “Memories of Epworth”, 3rd Place – Alyssa Morrison (Charcoal) “Everlasting Love”, 4th Place – Danielle Merritt (Acrylics) “My Swirly Squirrely Sister”, 5th Place – Summer Emory (Chalk Pastels) “Metamorphosis”

Merit Awards: Morgan Edwards (Acrylics) “My Poured Pond”, Sutherlynd Butler (Clayboard) “Vintage Vestry”, Alyssa Morrison (Chalk Pastels) “When Duty Calls”, Autumn Crum (Clayboard) “Soft Kitty Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur”, Braden Robinson (Mixed Media) “Artipus”

These pieces are now onto the next show (non-juried) which is in the Center Market at the Artworks around town area as featured artists for the month of May. The opening reception will be on Friday, May 5th from 5:30 – 7:00 if you get a chance to join us. Only a few pieces that were at the mall will not be in this show by request of the students themselves. The show is free and open to all!