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Language Arts 

Ms.O’Brien: Day 1: Read and Annotate “Statement of the assination of MLK ” by: Robert F. Kennedy in Study Sync. After reading, complete comprehension questions in comp tab.Day 2: Read and annotate “The Jungle” by: Upton Sinclair in Study Sync. When finished answer comprehension questions in comp tab. Day 3: Read and annotate “The Lady or the Tiger” in Study Sync . After reading complete the writing prompt which asks who came out the door the lady or the tiger?

Mrs.Omatis:   English III_ General & College Prep

Mrs.Gregor: 12th grade English IV students 

Ms.Lester: Blizzard Bag #1-Lester


Mrs.Lepic : Assignments posted on Google Classroom.

Mr.ThompsonMath (Mr.Thompson)

Ms.Mathias:  Algebra Blizzard Bag #1

Geometry Blizzard Bag #1

Mrs.Purman: Mrs. Purman Algebra 1

Social Studies

Mrs. Rogers:  –Mrs. Rogers Government

Mr.Falbo: Mr. Falbo Day One 

Mrs.E.Swallie: Day 1 -(E.Swallie)

Elective Classes:

Rogers -Psychology:  Psychology