The Union Local Alumni Association was formed in 2001 with hopes to promote a sense of pride in the School District and the education that can be gained by attending Union Local High School. The goal is to promote educational interest in Union Local High School, in and by its students and by all alumni of the school. The Association hopes to foster among the graduates a sentiment for each other and an attachment to their Alma Mater.

The initial purpose of the Union Local Alumni Association was to provide scholarships for its graduating seniors, which prompted the formation of the Union Local High School Education Foundation Inc. The Education Foundation permits the Alumni Association to provide scholarships to graduates of Union Local High School and promote interest in Union Local High School, the students thereof, and all Alumni of said school, and to encourage students of Union Local to continue their education in college.

In 2016, the Union Local Alumni Association expanded its efforts with the goal of having a presence in all the District Schools (Elementary, Middle and High) on the Union Local campus. The Alumni Association recognizes the efforts and expense of educating our students. Therefore, we hope to give support to include, but not limited to the areas of academics, technology, curriculum and construction.

The ULAA continues with its goal of having a presence in the schools that helps our future members recognize that the Alumni Association is an active organization all year long.

If you graduated from Union Local High School please join our Facebook Group. A way to connect and/or keep in touch.


Alumni Association

Left to right: C.L. Strahl, President| Vicki Loveday, Treasurer | Sharon Magnani, Secretary | Rich Kidd, Vice President

Alumni wishing to become a member of the Union Local Alumni Association may contact:

Secretary, Sharon Magnani
66435 Harlan Acres, Belmont, Ohio 43718
Phone: 740-782-1822email  

Treasurer, Vicki Loveday
Box 427 Barnesville, Ohio 43713
Phone: 740-484-4425email

Membership: The only qualifications for membership in Union Local Alumni Association shall be that the individual seeking membership be an alumnus of Union Local High School and pay annual dues of five dollars ($5.00). Alumnus for purposes of determining eligibility for membership, shall be defined as any person who has graduated from Union Local High School as shown by the records of that institution, or other records authenticating graduation. Automatic membership in the Association shall be afforded, without payment of dues, for one year after the year of graduation.




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