The Union Local Jet Adventure/Family Resource Center will be distributing raffle tickets for a $10.00 donation to support our district’s families in need. 1st Place – 10 minute shopping spree at Riesbeck’s, 2nd Place – 5 minute shopping spree at Riesbeck’s, 3rd Place – $100 gift card from Riesbeck’s. Winners will be drawn on May 8th. Shopping sprees will take place on Saturday May 13th at 9:00AM  St. Clairsville – Riesbeck’s. Some restrictions apply. The Union Local Jet Adventure Program, as part of the grant, has established a Family Resource Center for the entire district. The resource center will help families who need help navigating  community resources that may fit their needs. In addition, we will be establishing our own fund that will be used to help families in an emergency situation when community funds have been exhausted or do not exist. Our district as a whole, has 40% free and reduced price lunch, the method of determining family need. That is about 600 of our students and their families that may need assistance at some time throughout the year. The profit from the raffle tickets will be used to establish this fund to help families in our district.

Click here to view the Shopping Spree Restrictions Rules and Tips.