No fear as burger joint brings ‘edge’ to West Street

Restaurant manager Michael Ajeovole, another Londoner who came to study and fell in love with the Steel City, was also part of the dedicated research team.

“I’ve had so many burgers”, he said.

Waiter Ryan was chatty, knowledgable and charming, as well as being a burger veteran. With at least one a day under his belt he was happy to debate prime cooking temperatures or optimal eating techniques as well as giving precise service times.

Apparently, the first two bites and a good firm hold are crucial to eating without the bun falling apart.

I’m told that cheap jerseys the aim for service is to make customers feel at home, all the better for eating comfort food.

Spurred on by expert Ryan, he ordered a double juicy cheeseburger (13).

It arrived cooked pink in the middle and was perfectly rare.

He said the quality of the meat and big beefy taste came through from the first bite, with sauce and cheese meeting in the middle.

It ended with an ‘explosion’, his word not mine, of fresh gherkin.

As the furthest thing from a burger fan you can imagine they are at the bottom of the list when it comes to non review dining I didn’t expect to be wowed.

The Christmas burger was also 13, which isn’t cheap.

What it was was gargantuan.

There was no need to eat for another 20 hours afterwards.

There was juicy chicken and a flavoursome sausage patty, crispy fragile strips of salty smoked bacon, a layer of sharp cranberry and port chutney, then gooey cheese in a smorgasbord of textures.