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Jessica “Steps out of Shell”with Summer Job

  Awesome Job Jessica ! Keep up the great work! https://youtu.be/MwVdjYx6VLM
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Belmont Career Center Students of the month -September 2019

Congratulations to Miranda Huml and Zamira Thompson Belmont Career Center Students of the Month of September #JETSAIMHIGH Click Link below for photo. Miranda Huml - 2019 SOTM Zamira Thompson -2019 SOTM...
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8th Grade chromatography lab

8th grade students preformed a chromatography lab ( they were extracting the cholorophyll out of the plant...
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Welcome Back !!!

Welcome Back Teachers, Staff, Administrators and STUDENTS!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR !!
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REMINDER for Lunch /Breakfast 2019-2020

Reminder to all Parents and Students: Union Local Provides free breakfast at all three cafeterias MS and HS Breakfast times are 7:05 am until 6:45 am ES breakfast is 8:30 am-9:00 am **Late Student arrivals have a grab-n-go option available. Also, remember lunch prices...
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Important Dates

Important dates: August 15: Meet the Teams 6pm August 16: Back to School Fair 6pm-8pm August 20: Open House 3pm-6pm Freshmen Orientation @ 5pm 6th grade orientation @ 4pm. Both are in the auditorium. August 21: First Day of School (1st through 12th)
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2019-2020 School Calendar

Will also be posted under quick links
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BACK TO SCHOOL FAIR Date set and New Call System transition for the upcoming school year

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Just a few announcements for the upcoming month ......... 1. We are transitioning from the One Call Now to a new call system which will be in operation for the new school year , we will keep you posted on this . 2. Back to...
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Jill Butts UL Middle School – Awarded Mini-Grant from The Patton College of Education

Jill Butts | Union Local Middle School | 6th grade math

Through the Patton College Mentor Teacher Mini-Grant, I was able to purchase a classroom set of individual dry erase boards, markers, and erasers. I have been using these as a method of formative assessment. I can quickly assess which students have mastered the topic and which students are struggling and need more help. The students also enjoy using them; they are more fun than paper and pencil! At Union Local, we are a 1:1 Chromebook school, but dry erase boards are a nice alternative to reaching other learning styles. Dry erase boards keep every student engaged in every lesson. They foster collaboration and encourage participation. The boards motivate students who normally would be too afraid to speak up in class to become involved and share their thoughts. One of the best parts of using dry erase boards is that mistakes are easily wiped away. Students can erase and correct answers—no dwelling on past mistakes!

The use of dry erase boards proves to be an effective teaching tool for the Ohio teacher candidates and professional interns, because they can easily assess their lesson delivery and can adjust their teaching on the spot if necessary. This is vital to a new teacher because, as veteran teachers know, lessons don’t always go as we thought they would! This helps the professional intern learn the importance of being flexible. Dry erase boards also allow the teachers to provide immediate feedback to students, which is another important facet of teaching.

Thank you Ohio University Patton College of Education for this wonderful learning opportunity for the students of Union Local Middle School.

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Monday -March 4th 2019 UL Schools Closed

Union Local schools- Now Closed for Monday - March 4th 2019.
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